CPR Rescuers frequently receives feedback from former students, including
those who have been called upon to use the skills that we have taught them.
The following are a few examples:


Racine, Wisconsin

Dear Ron,

A few weeks ago my wife and I were at a restaurant having dinner when I heard a woman quietly say, "Help, help."  Due to the low tone I would normally ignore this but something in her voice made it sound more desperate than that of conversation.  Indeed, I did look over and saw her husband was choking.  Without much thought I immediately pointed to a young man that had stood up next to us and a bit overzealously yelled for him to call 9-1-1.  I positioned myself behing the choking man and performed two Heimlich thrusts dislodging the food he was choking on.  Both the man and his wife were grateful for my actions.  Sadly, the person that I told to call 9-1-1 did nothing.  He froze, later stating that he did not know what to do.  Several years ago I had taken a CPR course and recently after meeting you I felt the need to not only have a refresher for myself, but my office staff as well.  Without taking your class I do not think that I would have felt comfortable helping.  Not only do I appreciate everything you and CPR Rescuers do, my staff would like to recognize CPR Rescuers as well, for both your professionalism and the ease with which you teach.  Some people have said that I saved another person's life.  I do not believe that I was the one that did so.  I think that you made it possible and I just followed your instructions.  Thank you again for your efforts.  I truly believe you and CPR Rescuers are making a difference.



Chuck Christoffersen, President

Network Specialists

Northbrook, Illinois
Hi Ron,
A few months ago, my daughter who is two, was chewing pieces of pizza.  I didn't realize that she had been taking pieces of the pepperoni off of my husband's slice.  She started choking on it.  I was close by and somehow looked at her as she was choking.  I remembered your choking lesson and what to do.  I pulled her out of her booster seat and gave her a couple of Heimlich thrusts as you taught me.  The piece of pepperoni came flying out.  I can't believe I stayed as calm as I did and it all happened in seconds.  I will always remember the look of panic in her face.  Thanks Ron for your CPR and choking lessons because it saved my daughter's life!!!  I will continue to push my friends to learn these life saving techniques. 
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